Update: Marokkaan Hicham Dokkali blaast slechts zichzelf op

Meer details komen vrij over de klunzige zelfmoordterrorist die niet eens zichzelf kon opblazen. De 30-jarige Hicham Dokkali probeerde een bus vol Franse, Italiaanse en Amerikaanse toeristen op te blazen, maar bij de explosie verloor hij slechts zijn arm.

RABAT (AFP) – An attempted suicide bomb attack in Morocco missed its intended target, a bus-load of foreign tourists, but seriously wounded the suspected bomber, a Moroccan security chief told AFP.

The explosion, which occurred in the former imperial town of Meknes in a central square popular with foreign visitors, ripped off the arm of the 30-year-old Moroccan man who was carrying the gas cylinder.

None of the tourists in the bus, who included French, Italians and Americans, was hurt. The blast happened at 11:30 am (GMT).

“He tried to get in the bus where tourists of several nationalities were staying, but the driver had the presence of mind to close the door in his face,” said the security expert.

The bomber, Hicham Dokkali, was an engineer who worked in the tax office in Meknes, he added.

Een slechte zelfmoordterrorist van Noord-Afrikaanse afkomst heeft tijdens zijn zelfmoordpoging slechts zichzelf opgeblazen. Sneu! De Marokkaan kon niet dicht genoeg bij zijn doel komen om andere slachtoffer te maken.

Bij de ‘aanslag’ heeft hij zijn arm verloren en ligt nu in kritische toestand in het ziekenhuis. De politie is opzoek naar twee andere Noord-Afrikanen, vermoedelijk leden van de radicaal–islamitische Jihadia–beweging.

A man was seriously injured, on Monday in Meknès (140 km east of Rabat), when he blew himself up with a Butane gas cylinder some meters from a coach carrying tourists.

The young man, heading for the coach in a densely populated neighborhood, has not reached his target thanks to the vigilance of the coach driver.

The man, who has not been identified, lost his arm following the blast and was carried to hospital in a serious condition. The incident left no victims or material losses.

Security services have opened an investigation and are currently looking for two other individuals.

Security services have recently carried out large campaigns against the extremist groups in various cities, including Meknès, especially after July 6 when Morocco raised its level of alert to the “maximum”, on the basis of “reliable intelligence” according to which Morocco would be the target of a “serious terrorist threat.”

Last spring, Casablanca, the country’s economic capital, was rocked by terrorist attacks on March 11, April 10 and 14, when six terrorists blew themselves up while a seventh one was shot by the police before charging his belt.

A policeman was also killed and 45 people were injured, including two seriously, during these attacks.

The threats also revive the fears Morocco had experienced four years ago, when 12 suicide-bombers blew themselves up in Casablanca on May 16, 2003, killing 33 people.

Bron: Maghreb Arabe Presse


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