Musharraf verklaart terroristen de oorlog

President Musharraf van kernmacht Pakistan gaat terreur bestrijden. Opmerkelijk want Musharraf heeft de Talibaan en andere radicalen altijd de ruimte gegeven. Maar sinds het bloedbad bij de Rode Moskee keren de terroristen zich tegen hun eigen president. Hierop reageerde hij dat een paar misleidde broeders en zusters die geweld gebruiken zullen worden verslagen.

President General Pervez Musharraf Tuesday terming terrorism and extremism the main hurdles in the way of progress and development of the country appealed to the nation to stand united against handful of elements who were threatening peace and security of the country.Speaking at a programme aired live by Pakistan Television from the Aiwan-e-Sadr, the President said the government was striving to provide the dividends of economic gains to the people at the grassroots level, but a few ‘misguided’ people were trying to hamper these efforts.

President Musharraf said the government was duty bound to provide security to its people and was trying to take the country forward.

He said “Our nation must be able to thwart internal and external threats and has the ability to do so.”

He said Pakistan has progressed in all spheres, be it industrial, information technology, agricultural or any other sector and said this will bring prosperity and improvement in the lives of people.

The President said “with unity and political stability the few misguided Muslims, who are our own brothers and sisters, but have turned violent because of their militant thoughts and are bent upon committing terrorist acts, will be defeated.”

Bron : Associated Press of Pakistan


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